Popular Boating Tours of San Diego

San Diego Bay is a beautiful place with exceptional weather. Many people travel here every year to take in the sites and breathe the refreshing ocean air. There are so many things to do in San Diego, but these three popular boating tours will let you see the sights of San Diego Bay while also relaxing among the waves. Harbor Tour The Harbor Tour takes you on a trip around almost the entire harbor. It includes a viewing of the USS Midway as well as other large navy ships. You will see the North Island Military Base. The hillside homes of Point Loma will present you with a picturesque view of life in San Diego Bay. You will see the Downtown San Diego cityscape which is beautiful both night and day. Finally, you will see the Coronado bridge, a winding beautiful testament to engineering and architecture. Coronado Bridge & Glorietta Bay Tour If you just want to focus on the Coronado bridge and Glorietta Bay, then this tour is for you. It involves a view of the Coronado bridge and then a trip to Glorietta Bay where you can relax for a few hours while viewing the sites, listening to music, relaxing in the sun, eating, or all of the above. At the end, you’ll get a mini tour of Coronado Island from the boat before heading back to dock. Sunset Tour The sunset tour is shorter, but no less […]