5 Reasons to Visit San Diego

Why choose to visit San Diego? It’s simple, you get to enjoy so many things in this place that boasts beautiful weather, lots of beaches, cultural heritage, and fun things to do. If you’re wondering what makes San Diego so special, check out the five reasons below to visit. Beautiful Weather San Diego is known for its beautiful weather. Its Southern California location means that the temperatures remain steady year-round, and its proximity to the ocean means that it stays cooler in the summer months than other inland areas. There are only a few rainy days with the city averaging 263 sunny or partly cloudy days every year. This means that visiting the city doesn’t come with a need for several layers of clothes. Popular Beaches Visiting a coastal city means that you have to check out the beaches. There are a ton to choose from, but here are some of the more popular ones. Black, Oceanside, and Swami’s Beach are great for surfing. At Dog Beach you can let your furry friend run free as it’s a leach free park. Imperial Beach is the southernmost beach in San Diego, being located just five miles north of the Mexican border, and includes many activities like surfing, fishing, beach volleyball, and horseback riding. Mission Beach also has something for everyone with family friendly activities, a boardwalk, and many bars and restaurants. That’s just a start. Go here to check out more […]