5 Reasons to Visit San Diego

Why choose to visit San Diego? It’s simple, you get to enjoy so many things in this place that boasts beautiful weather, lots of beaches, cultural heritage, and fun things to do. If you’re wondering what makes San Diego so special, check out the five reasons below to visit.

Beautiful Weather

San Diego is known for its beautiful weather. Its Southern California location means that the temperatures remain steady year-round, and its proximity to the ocean means that it stays cooler in the summer months than other inland areas. There are only a few rainy days with the city averaging 263 sunny or partly cloudy days every year. This means that visiting the city doesn’t come with a need for several layers of clothes.

Popular Beaches

Visiting a coastal city means that you have to check out the beaches. There are a ton to choose from, but here are some of the more popular ones. Black, Oceanside, and Swami’s Beach are great for surfing. At Dog Beach you can let your furry friend run free as it’s a leach free park. Imperial Beach is the southernmost beach in San Diego, being located just five miles north of the Mexican border, and includes many activities like surfing, fishing, beach volleyball, and horseback riding. Mission Beach also has something for everyone with family friendly activities, a boardwalk, and many bars and restaurants. That’s just a start. Go here to check out more of San Diego’s beaches and what they have to offer.

Vibrant History

San Diego is known as the birthplace of California as the first settlers established a mission and fort there in 1769. There are many old missions from that time. In fact, many historic buildings can be found in Old Town San Diego where you can take tours of those buildings, soak up the historic culture, shop, and eat.

Variety in Neighborhoods

There are other neighborhoods you’ll want to check out, as San Diego has many to choose from. Little Italy is known as a foodie favorite. It boasts the most celebrity-chef eateries in the city, and you can enjoy great food, shopping, and drinks. The Gaslamp Quarter offers a non-stop nightlife scene. It has a ton of bars, night clubs, and restaurants which can all be found within 16 and a half blocks. So there’s plenty to choose from. In Barrio Logan you can enjoy the Mexican American culture by visiting the National History Landmark Chicano Park and viewing the more than 80 murals which depict everything from Aztec mythology to Pancho Villa. Hillcrest is also a great place to visit as it holds quite a few cool shops and boutiques.


As if the weather, beautiful scenery and unique experiences weren’t enough, San Diego also has several attractions worthy of a visit. At the top of the list is the San Diego Zoo. The zoo is world famous and is known for having an array of rare and endangered animals. You can also visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park and SeaWorld San Diego. The San Diego Maritime Museum holds a variety of exhibits and a collection of ancient ships including the Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship. Legoland California is great for kids young and old and even offers more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions. Of course, you can’t forget Disneyland which is less than two hours north of San Diego. For more information on finding attractions for your visit, click here.